Remote-controlled felling wedge TR300

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Robust. Strong. Safe. The new TR300

The TR300 now has a new, more robust, bidirectional radio remote control in accordance with DIN EN 17067 with emergency stop and the familiar automatic switch-off function for even greater safety. The remote control can be easily attached to the rear part of the housing, so manual operation on the housing is still possible. With a range of approx. 50 metres, felling can be carried out from a safe distance. With its 25 tonnes of pressure force and 60 mm lifting height, the TR300 is ideal for harvesting heavy timber! With its comparatively low weight of 9.2kg and the carrying strap, the TR300 can be carried comfortably over the shoulder. The rear handle enables the felling wedge to be positioned precisely in the felling cut.

The great advantage of this felling wedge is that any tree can be felled from a safe distance. After sawing the felling cut and attaching the remote-controlled felling wedge, the forestry worker can move directly to the backing track and start felling from a safe distance. The remote-controlled felling wedge offers previously unimagined safety benefits, not to mention improved ergonomics, especially for high-risk felling operations. With the remote-controlled felling wedge, the felling process itself no longer requires any effort on the part of the forestry worker. The reduced effort involved in felling means that the forestry worker will be less exhausted. And less physical exhaustion helps to make fewer mistakes during a long and hard working day.

The delivery always includes the operating instructions, a carrying strap and a fall protection device.
All Milwaukee 18 volt batteries fit on the felling wedge.

Technical data remote-controlled felling wedge TR300:

  • Maximum pressure force: 25 tonnes
  • Weight without battery: 9.2 kg
  • Length: 800 mm, width: 130 mm, height: 150 mm
  • Lifting height: 60 mm
  • Torque 1,627 Nm

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TR300 Set 8.0, TR300 solo

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