The new Forstreich SK50 spiral cone is ideal for weaker wood and smaller log diameters. The spiral cone pulls the aluminium wedge into the felling cut, so there is no need to widen the felling cut. The Forstreich SK 50 achieves a lifting height of up to 55 mm and up to 5 tonnes of pressure force at a weight of just 1.7 kg. Two hardened hexagon sockets with spanner widths of 16 mm and 22 mm allow the use of impact wrenches with a maximum torque of 1627 Nm. The symmetrical shape prevents the Forstreich SK50 from being worked out of the wood. A large, greasable roller bearing ensures efficient power transmission and a long service life. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

The spiral cone can now be found in our online shop under the heading ‘mechanical felling wedges’.

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